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State of Decay 2 Update

Go back to where it all began in new State of Decay 2 Homecoming update

State of decay 2 has come a long way since its initial release, a title that followed up from the smash hit Xbox Live arcade title, State of Decay, its sequel has grown tremendously over the course of 4 years and its developer Undead Labs have consistently shown their drive and passion to create the best zombie sim available.

What’s new?

This new update has been long requested by fans and looks to add back in the original games Trumbull valley location as a playable map, but this isn’t just a direct reuse of the original games location, this area is packed with new lore and characters as well as following on directly from the games previous story expansion Heartland.

This map will feature new exclusive locations as well as missions that continue much of the story that was built upon in the first game and State of Decay 2’s story expansion. On top of a massive amount of fresh new content for long time players to jump into this update will also feature many quality-of-life improvements and refinements. Additionally, it’s been stated that this version of the map will be larger than the previously used Heartland version and will include areas that were seen in the original game as well as new sites for looting and exploring around the world. Players will also be able to take control of new base locations that have not been seen before in the previous iterations of this map. This is just some of the major points of this update with full patch notes available on Undead labs.

Community response

Heading to Twitter its clear that the response to this update is incredibly positive, with players being excited to see what this new update has to offer.

More to come

With news on State of Decay 3 still very scarce, its great to know that Undead Labs is dedicated to keeping State of Decay 2 fresh in the meantime, hopefully there is still more to come for this fantastic game, but in the meantime lets all take a trip back to Trumbull Valley and see what’s new.

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