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Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Now as a PlayStation fan I’ve always wondered what ratchet and clank was about, never have I played nor thought about playing this franchise… until I saw Rift Apart, from that moment on i wanted to jump onto the games. My timing was great as last Friday Rift Apart had finally dropped. At first I was hesitant about spending the remaining contents of my wallet on this game, but it turns out to be worth the money!

I was feeling a void from when I finished Resident evil Village and didn’t know what to play, then this came along. I cannot wait to play the other games as well to experience the franchise first-hand.

The moment i loaded up the disc and played the first 20 minutes I was absolutely hooked. Insomniac had created an absolute instant classic. The action platformer has every making of a cinematic adventure… (we won’t talk about 2016s film) however thanks to the DualSense controller it makes this exclusive game one serious contender for GOTY.

The characters are brilliant, great rapport from Ratchet and Clank, even though I have never played a Ratchet and Clank game, this game has decided that the next games I play shall be the R&C back catalogue to catch up. Speaking of DualSense, the game makes you feel every shot you take and all the jumps you make, it truly shows off what the PS5 controllers can really do.

Let’s talk about the game itself… Rift Apart, a dimension splintering adventure, you play as the titular character Ratchet and in some cases Clank as they bounce through different dimensions to stop Dr Nefarious and his goons-4-less. You do meet the purple furred Lombax Rivet and get to play as that character, which i enjoyed.

The gameplay is seamless when dimension hopping during certain moments, you can see the power of the PS5. It’s fast paced along with the combat which is fun and enjoyable with each new weapon! The transport is great, from a dragon-like creature named Trudi to a fast snail-like creature. The hover boots allow you to cover more ground on different planets. The small space craft you can use acts as the hub for different planets, as you can revisit them to get some bolts or to just get the trophies!

Finding pocket dimensions and exploring a new reality is one of the best feature the game has to offer, finding new armour sets and discovering new puzzles, as well as finding raretanium which is the currency to upgrade your arsenal…be warned it is rare as its namesake implies.

Some of the pocket dimensions are a bit…well it takes a couple of goes (for me anyway!) but the rewards are great, for example it can get you the armour you’ve been hunting for. And maybe you can find the legendary golden bolts as well, as they unlock different skins and cheats.

The way you can mix and match armour sets with different stats to find how it works better for you is awesome, as insomniac gives the player freedom over customised sets.

I love the new weapons you unlock; each weapon has maximum level of 5 but you can upgrade your fave ones! I adore the topiary sprinkler, turning your foes into hedgerows and the collider to make short work of armies of bad guys, there are so many different weapons to use and i cannot wait to try them all out.

Overall, my experience with Rift Apart has been exciting and riveting (pun proudly intended), I cannot wait to jump back in and explore different dimensions with my favourite duo. I’m also incredibly happy to say that I have experienced no bugs or flaws with this game, and that’s rare because most games these days are released with bugs. I am hoping for some DLC however I am unsure that will arrive, nevertheless I shall be continuing to re-play this game because I fell in love with it.

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