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News Bit: Starfield and Redfall have been Delayed into 2023

Bethesda announced on Twitter that two of its big upcoming games have been postponed until next year. Both Redfall and the much-anticipated Starfield have been pushed back. According to Bethesda's statement, these games will be released in the "first half of 2023."

There isn't much explanation for this decision, but Bethesda says the teams want to create "the best, most polished versions of them." Starfield was first announced in 2018 and was set to release as a key holiday game on November 11th, 2022. The game's advertising was just getting started, so the delay came as a surprise to many.

In the case of Redfall, there has been almost no news about the game since it was revealed in 2021. A few screenshots were leaked last year, but that's all we've seen since.

Bethesda and Xbox are expected to announce a new release date for Starfield and the elusive Redfall soon.

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