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News Bit: Star Wars Eclipse fans are against Quantic Dream's involvement

A new Star Wars game is certainly a reason to be excited but not everyone seems to be happy about the project. Some fans are upset that Quantic Dream and David Cage are involved in the development of the game.

Why are some fans upset?

In 2018, Quantic Dream was accused of allowing and even encouraging a workplace culture of sexism, racism and homophobia. They specifically mentioned studio head David Cage who allegedly made various inappropriate comments about female actors in his games. However, Cage claimed the accusations were false and he also won a lawsuit against one publication making the claims. Another publication was cleared of the libel charges.

The Protest

Some media outlets have vowed to not cover the game for as long as Cage is involved. This includes the Star Wars Explained YouTube channel.

The #blackoutstarwarseclipse movement is growing online and hasn't yet been publicly acknowledged by Lucasfilm or Quantic Dream.

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