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News Bit: Quantic Dream is working on Star Wars Eclipse

In a recent premium podcast on GiantBomb, reporter Jeff Grubb discussed the rumoured upcoming Star Wars project from Quantic Dream. According to him, the game is likely to “show up somewhere soon”.

Grubb suggests that the new games could be announced at The Game Awards next month or as part of Disney's “Bring Home the Bounty” campaign where one Star Wars game will be announced. The game is supposedly “ready to be announced soon” and Grubb also added that an announcement “before the end of the year” is a possibility.

He's not certain on all the details for the game at this point but he does claim the current title for the project is Star Wars: Eclipse. In addition to this, it's set during the High Republic which is roughly 200 years before the events of the films. This would make it set during the Jedi and Galactic Republic golden age.

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