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News Bit: PlayStation Studios banner lists Death Stranding as a First Party Title

The official PlayStation Studios website has been spotted displaying Death Stranding alongside first-party titles. One Twitter user uploaded an image displaying the entire banner, which might not be immediately apparent when checking the official website.

There have been no announcements yet from PlayStation Studios or Kojima Productions about this, but something similar happened when Sony bought Insomniac Games and Bluepoint Games. However, there is another possible cause for this. Sony did publish Death Stranding and owns the rights to the IP despite Kojima Productions being an independent studio.

Checking the official PlayStation Studios website, we can still see Death Stranding is on the banner. It's on the far left side as the final game and might require some zooming out on the page for it to be visible.

At the moment, it's still a little uncertain about what the addition of Death Stranding to the banner means. While it's likely this could signify Sony acquiring the studio; it could also just be Sony highlighting the fact it owns the IP to the game.

** Update ** Kojima confirmed that his studio will remain independent.

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