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News Bit: GTA Trilogy dataminers find the missing music and more

The Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been finally released and naturally, dataminers have gotten work on the game collection. Some rather interesting discoveries have been made from the files.

Posting Twiter, Ash_735 has revealed that some of the missing original music is still in the files for the new GTA Vice City remaster. However, they also discovered that GTA San Andreas contains all the cut music. In both cases, the songs that didn't make it into the game were disabled but almost all of it is still there.

In addition to the music, it was also discovered by Vadim M that the games contain the uncompiled main.scm file. This means all the game scripts of each of the games is available in the files allowing dataminers to find content that was cut. It also means it's possible to see Rockstar North's previously private notes on the games during development.

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