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News Bit: Check out 18 Minutes of Ghostwire Tokyo

Tango Gameworks has released 18 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Ghostwire: Tokyo due to release later this month. When the game was first announced it was described as a horror game but the gameplay reveals it's less horror focused than expected. The description for the video also describes the game as being an action-adventure title.

From the gameplay, we can see lots of combat with the main character seeming rather strong against the strange and horrifying enemies. The game looks more like a stealth-brawler type game with horror elements instead of the dedicated horror game it was originally thought to be. We get to take another good look at different enemies in the game including a kappa which the player hunts down with a cucumber.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will release on March 25th this month for PlayStation 5 and PC. A free visual novel called Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude is available on Steam now which is a prequel to the game.

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