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Marvel's Avengers leaker claims there are no 2024 content plans

A legitimate leaker for Marvel's Avengers is claiming that the game will be shutting down after 2023 and no more content is being planned for it.

Exputer has been receiving consistent and reliable information about Marvel's Avengers' and now, it's learned that the game is slowing down. The new report explains just some of the problems that have afflicted the production. According to the report, the behind-the-scenes for Marvel's Avengers has been a struggle and a mess.

According to one of the sources “there are no plans for content in 2024” for the game. There are plans for content in 2023 and at one point in the game, four unannounced heroes are mentioned during combat. Players should expect Captain Marvel, Shuri, Ironheart and She-Hulk to be added over the next year. While it's possible plans for Marvel's Avengers might change, it seems likely support for the game is ending.

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