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Starfield will cost $70 next year

Microsoft has announced that starting next year, it will be raising the price of its first-party games to $70 each. Following the trend that began earlier this year by various other developers including Sony. However, some games have been released with prices closer to $80 this year.

The price increase for AAA games did begin increasing earlier this year with God of War Ragnarök, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II both releasing at $70 ahead of the holiday season. It's also been confirmed that Dead Island 2, Hogwart's Legacy and Forspoken will also release in early 2023 at the $70 price. Microsoft held back on the price increase for this holiday season but will still be increasing game prices next year.

As expected, the price increases will also be hitting Starfield, Arkane's Redfall and various other major titles from Microsoft's first-party studios. Microsoft explains the price increase is to reflect the complexity and scale of modern games. Despite the price increase, Xbox first-party games will still be coming to Xbox Game Pass on release day.

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