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Life as a 7 Foot Tall Wookiee

My name is Nathan from Commie Gamer and I can moment to catch up with Evan Davies from Ninja trooper to talk about his costume business.

"I started out life as a PE teacher I wanted to be a special effects make-up artist but that would mean having to go and do hair and make up a college which quite frankly wasn't going to happen.

So I became a PE teacher I was married for six years with my ex-wife, we came into an inheritance in 2016 and with that money, I bought myself my first Stormtrooper costume and started posting pictures on social media and going to conventions.

Teaching was a nightmare so I jacked it in and with my girlfriend, Kelly, and I began selling costumes online.

I've sold costumes to the United States I also attend events all the time as Chewbacca."

Evan hopes to go into the film someday but is happy working on his own projects when I cant create and work at school at the same time.

It's a strange old journey but one I'm really great full to be a part of…

Evan and Kelly Can be found at Ninja Trooper on Instagram and Facebook.

Give him a like and Follow; now lockdown is over, go give him a visit at his next Event.

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