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Cosplay at Medway Rapture Gaming Festival

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Last weekend the Commie boys attended the Medway Rapture Gaming Festival; Merch was bought, pies were ate, fun was had all round.

While some aspects of the festival were clearly suffering the effects of a post lockdown Covid world. One area that still brings out the passions of it's members is the Cosplay community.

Take a look at some of the variety of characters we managed to get shots of. Please, if you see your self here, share this about and drop us a message.

Starting off with a couple of my favourites from the Final Fantasy franchise. Prompto from FFXV...

And Cloud from FFVII. Cloud was here as a judge on the Cosplay Competition.

More on that later.

What would a Cosplay show be without a lot of Star Wars.

One of these is alive, the other a model... They wouldn't tell me which.

The Fantasy vibes were strong at this Con. Our prince on the far right also judging the competition.

Another competition judge. Though this comp has a few less fatalities.

From the Anime and animated worlds.

FOR THE EMPOROR! The 601st WH40K Cosplay group were keeping an eye out for Xenos.

Take a look at their YouTube and Facebook.

Poison Ivy with her animatronic plant. We will be be interviewing this award winning Cosplaying in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for that. And head on over to Bitten&SmittenCosplay to see more.

The first Cruella I've seen but one that's bound to be big in the Cosplay circle with Emma Stone's new Cruella by Disney out. Fantastic costume, and great display on stage. You can check out CosplayDeville on facebook and TikTok.

The Cosplay is fantasy, but the instinctual fear I felt having a shotgun pointed at me was very real.

Running a stall taking donations for charity we found the Medway Ghostbusters. They're currently raising funds for the Demelza House Children's Hospice and The Wadebridge Homeless Project.

If there's something strange in the neighbourhood, or you want to help out some much deserving charities, please take a look at their Facebook page.

And lastly here but first place in the competition. Ezio Auditore of Assassins Creed notoriety.

The hidden blade shot out and returned authentically quick.

I've dabbled in cosplay before, but have always felt uncomfortable with people wanting my photo taken. So the sincerest of thanks for everyone who let us admire your costumes and show them to the world. The confidence it takes to walk on stage and perform for the judgment of the panel and convention goers is admirable.

If you recognise yourself from the above. Please drop us a message and we can tag you into the article. Everyone else, give it a share, their efforts should be seen.

Enjoying our work. Check out our social media links and give us a follow.

Keep it Gamer. Keep it Commie.


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