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Former Bungie veterans making a new PS5 exclusive

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Firewalk Studios is a new development team working on a PS5 exclusive IP comprising of developers who worked on many hit games. Developers who previously worked on games such as Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty and Apex Legends now call Firewalk Studios their home. The studio is still relatively new, but the background of each developer gives them a unique advantage over most other development teams.

The debut game from the new studio has been announced as a PlayStation console exclusive but it's not entirely clear just yet if this will be just for the PS5 or cross generational on PS4 also. So far information is a bit limited. The announcement on the official PlayStation Blog only announces a new multiplayer IP.

What kind of game are they making?

Development team Firewalk Studios are a next-generation AAA studio. While The team is well into development now and we can assume that PlayStation and Firewalk Studios will have something to show us towards the end of the year or early next. Development seems promising, for them to announce the existence of a new game so early, suggests these devs are clicking well together.

Announced as a multiplayer game, it's still uncertain if it will include any kind of single-player mode. Quite a divergence from Sony’s usual single player focused AAA offerings. We also don't know what kind of multiplayer game this will be. The team includes developers who have worked on a range of different types of multiplayer-focused games. With the pedigree of the team, we are confident that this new IP will learn from mistakes and successes of the games and franchises the team members have come from.

What ever this turns out to be, it's refreshing to see Sony invest into multiplayer. Something they were perceived to be lacking in the previous generation.

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