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5 New IPs to be Most Excited for from the Xbox Showcase

The Xbox showcase has come and passed, and what a blast it was. Delivering just about everything any bleeding green fan could have wanted. With footage from Fable, Forza Motorsports, Avowed, Hellblade and more.

But what really got my finisher metre charged up were some of the fresh new IPs that we were shown.

So I’m listing off 5 whole new worlds we’re very excited to learn more about over the coming months.


From the resident (pun intended) horror experts of the game industry, Capcom, we have an artistic hack-and-slash full of some of the most exciting monster designs I’ve seen since outside of Atlas.

Quoted as being ‘traditional Japanese aesthetics’ I can only hope that traditional Japan bought a spare kimono or two as these creatures are truly nightmare fuel.

Your weapon appears to cut beautiful ribbons in the air as you half fight half dance your way among colourful forests full of tori gates and spirit


I’m a big fan of Japanese spirit designs, having a taste of it in Ghostwire Tokyo, and what’s super refreshing about Path of the Goddess is the colour that comes with it. While most horror games rely on dark and dingy browns and greys to set the mood, PotG uses vibrant yet somehow upsetting colours to bring its world to life.


Speaking of Atlas, we have Metaphor: Refantazio. A pleasant surprise surely for any JRPG fan watching as the minds behind the beloved Persona series has a brand new IP and it is a console exclusive to Xbox. Addressing Xbox’s historical lack of faith in this genre.

From the trailer, we can see all of Atlas’ usual features; turn-based combat, relationship building, wonderful artistic style, horrible monsters, and by the looks of things, gods to fight. The setting is a change from the usual enhanced real world and appears to be fully dived into fantasy.

This looks to be an awesome ‘get’ for team green that will satisfy that hunger for Japanese games on Xbox.


Excitingly for us fans of atmospheric horror, we have Still Wakes the Deep. Set on an oil rig off the Scottish coast we have an as-yet unused, but perfectly isolated, setting for claustrophobic scares. The trailer gives little away, besides some traversal mechanics and a blood-curdling scream, but info on the game’s website states the following:

“Navigate the collapsing rig to save your crew from an otherworldly horror on the edge of all logic and reality.”

Which to me screams ‘We delved too greedily and too deep and awakened something Lovecraftian’.

Fingers crossed for a truly polished horror experience.


Delightfully designed, Dungeons of Hinterberg is set in a new tourist spot in the Alps. Where tourists come to check out the many dungeons to explore. It has fun skating traversal mechanics for exploring the mountainous landscape. Hack and slash battles. Puzzles to solve. And relationship building. Almost like playing Stardew Valley but focusing on the mines.

The standout for me on this action RPG is for sure the visual style. I love games of high polish that don’t spend all their resources on ‘photo realistic’ graphics.


Everything every edgy steampunk enthusiast has ever wanted in a video game. Clockwork Revolution gives off heavy Bioshock vibes along with promising some meaningful time travel shenanigans. Where actions you commit in the past can change events and situations in the future in some major ways.

From inXile, the studio behind the Wasteland and Bard’s Tale franchises, this first-person shooter should have a fantastic narrative given its creators' past releases.

Atomic Heart gave us a fun robot shooting experience, but one that somewhat lacked the pull of a great story, so hopefully Clockwork Revolution should fill this mechanical longing. Even if we are of course on team Robot here.

So, there it is. The 5 new IP games from the Xbox showcase I’m most excited to see more from.

What other standouts were there for you? Or which of these are on your most anticipated list? Let us know in the comments.

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