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News Bit: GOG and CD Projekt Red halts all sales in Russia and Belarus

The war in Ukraine has lasted for over a week now and the games industry has joined the call for sanctions against Russia. CD Projekt Red is the latest company to answer the call and they've now confirmed they will be halting all sales of their games in Russia and Belarus.

Making the announcement on Twitter, CD Projekt Red has issued a statement in support of Ukraine. It states that the CD Project Group has “made the decision to halt all sales of our games to Russia and Belarus”. The company is working to suspect all digital sales and cease physical stock deliveries of their games to both countries.

GOG has also announced that they will be suspending all sales for Russian and Belarus gamers. “Effective March 3rd 2022, we suspend sales of all games distributed on the GOG platform on the territories of Russia and Belarus”. The team goes on to say that users from the affected regions can still log in to their accounts and play the games they have already purchased.

The CD Projekt Group states that it believes that “commercial entities, when united, have the power to inspire global change”. It adds that they know players who have “nothing to do with the invasion of Ukraine will be impacted by this decision, but with this action, we wish to further galvanize the global community to speak out about what is happening in the heart of Europe”.

Russia's war against Ukraine began on February 24th when Russia invaded the peaceful nation of Ukraine Since then, there has been global support for Ukraine and Russia has been hit with a large number of sanctions designed to cripple the financial system and isolate the country.

*This article has been supplied free of charge by Clare Lunawolf in hopes to help bring awareness to the Ukraine situation*

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