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Rebel Paws Grooming

Now Open

I offer one on one dog grooming, with large time slots so your groom will never be rushed. 


Booking slots are around 2 to 3 hours. Depending on your dog's needs. At 10am, 1pm, 3pm.


07355 685 211

(Available Mon-Fri 10-6)



35 Forest Drive, Tidworth


The following prices are a guide only, prices vary depending on coat condition, size, and behaviour. 

Image by Hannah Lim

These are to get your little pups used to being at the groomers. 

We'll get them comfortable being on the table, and the sounds of clippers etc. Generally make a fuss of them so hopefully they'll go through a lifetime of grooms much more comfortably. 

The package is four sessions. First three of thirty minutes where I get them used to grooming environment. 

Followed by the Fourth session where they get a bath and fluff dry with some basic tidying up of fur. 

For 6 months old or less. 

Please email or call to arrange this service as it involves making 4 bookings. 


If it's your first groom with Rebel Paws you get 20% off. 

For any friends you send my way, if they let me know you sent them, you will get 20% off your next groom. They will of course get the 20% new customer discount too. 

Hopefully we can build a lovely community of dog people this way.

Image by Hannah Lim
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