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Zelda Game and Watch. Time to Expect Better?

Nintendo are releasing a Zelda Game and Watch with the worst choice of Zelda games.

In today's Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced they will be releasing a Zelda Game and Watch this November. It’s following on from a Super Mario Bros version released last year.

Game and Watch, which included The Original Super Mario Bros with the lost levels and a Mario version of Ball.

The Zelda G&W will include the original Zelda, Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening and a version of Vermin with Link.

I think this was a big missed opportunity because you can already play the original Zelda and Zelda 2 on Nintendo Online. Link’s Awakening isn’t on there but it has already had a beautiful remake. I don’t know why they didn’t instead use The Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, which appeared on the Game Boy Color and has since been lost to the ages. They could have even sold two different ones and gotten even more of my money.

If not that, they could have done four swords and have the Game and Watch connect to your switch, like GameBoy Advances connected to the GameCube.

I think Nintendo had a chance of doing something really interesting with the Game and Watch, having them link together or the Switch whilst bringing back some really good games that have just been forgotten about.

Oh well, I’m sure instead we will get yet another Ocarina of Time remake.

The Zelda Game and Watch releases on November 12.

Got that Zelda hype, pick up Links Awakening for the Switch now.

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