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Yakuza: Like a Dragon: Tips and Tricks

7 Tips and Tricks

Yakuza 7 or Yakuza: Like a Dragon has recently jumped onto PlayStation plus, and with the freebie comes many new players who may wish to try out the series. Although this is a different direction in comparison to every other series entry, we at Robot Republic have some tips to help you go from Dragonfish to full-fledged dragon in no time.

Healing isn’t free…but it also is!

The Yakuza games of the past have always had struggles when it comes to healing between combat. Although some games provide you with enough money to fill the item bag, Yakuza 7 has a less than glamorous start. The Jump to turn-based RPG does also come with the benefits of the genre, free healing! Although throughout you’ll find more shops with healing items than rest areas, they are dotted about both hub towns and dungeons. This should be heavily relied upon if you want to keep that wallet full, as healing items can be costly, and you aren’t just eating for one.

Treasure hunting can lead to riches

As I said before, times are tough for our party! After a lengthy time behind bars, our beautiful bushy boy Ichiban isn’t exactly swimming in cash. Thus, we are introduced very early on to the treasure hunting mechanic by the local homeless.

This crafty new feature allows us to release our inner bum, and search for spare change under vending machines across the map. This may not sound like a payday in concept, but there are some truly incredible finds that can be found on the floors of Japan. A great example of this was finding a gold plate under a vending machine, that can be pawned off for a heft 100,000 Yen. It may not be guaranteed but some solid luck can make you and your party have an easier time.

Bonding is best!

The beauty of Yakuza 7 is within the relationships that you can form with your party members as the story progresses. Sporting a small clan of characters from varying different backgrounds and equally varying personalities, there is a lot to unpack with every conversation. This is doubled down on with the bar area that is unlocked in the early hours of the story.

The Hangout for the party, known as Survive, is a classy bar where the party can let their hair down and members are given the opportunity to increase their bonds. Increased bond levels can lead to benefits within combat and also lead to side quests to greater explore the heroes you’ll fight beside. Also, the whiskey looks divine!

Never work a day in your life!

With a new combat system also comes new abilities and new features to better customise the player experience. Ichiban is a yakuza by trade, but the job system allows him to sport some more fitting roles.

The job system works to give the party members different advantages and disadvantages within combat. Aside from a new look within combat, the jobs can be applied to multiple party members depending on if the job is applicable. Having a party with varying jobs can give the player a heavy advantage, with the addition of mixing and matching to best suit the player’s style. Like many features within the yakuza series, it takes some time to understand and learn, but it has a more than acceptable payoff.

Running is cool right?

Quick tip. A need to know for any players new to a turn-based battle system that features random encounters. Running is an option and can be a viable option if you and the party are struggling from various battles. Never be afraid to run. Although a lot of story battles won’t allow running, any random encounters can be fled.


Leaning in from the previous tip, running isn’t always an option. When you end up in a tough spot and are struggling to fight your way out of the situation, it can lead to a wipeout. Although this isn’t the end of the world as you don’t lose any items, you do sacrifice half of your current money. As the combat early on isn’t massively challenging, players won’t discover this through gameplay until later in the game when you are more than likely to have more money on you.

This can be crippling later on, as things are expensive, especially when you’re shopping for your friends as well. This is where banking your money comes in! ATMs that are scattered around the city can house your money and save the rude awakening of having your wallet emptied upon losing your HP. Take notes because that one is golden in the world of Yakuza.

Time to work on yourself

Finally, we have yet another RPG element that was touched upon is Yakuza 6, and that is the personality graph. Influenced by decisions made in events throughout the world, this wheel can unlock decisions and areas in future quests. Allowing better loot, jobs or even romances. You can also improve these personality traits through various books and vocational school exams. Although not necessary for the story, this can lead to seeing some of the greater features that Yakuza 7 has to offer.

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