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Xbox Acquisition could lead to Removed Features for PlayStation

The official UK regulatory board, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), has unveiled that it's looking into the potential for reduced game quality for Activision titles, higher game prices, and more.

Publicly listing the concerns on the official UK Government website, CMA is concerned about the impact of the deal on other console platforms. In particular, it notes that it has concerns about Activision games being Xbox exclusives, timed Xbox exclusives, Microsoft reducing Activision game quality for other consoles, and Microsoft making Activision games more expensive on other platforms. This mostly refering to PlayStation consoles and services. It also notes that the regulatory board is also looking into the effect it would have on multi-game subscription services including competitors to the Xbox Game Pass and also the future of cloud gaming services. Much of the concerns seem to be about the availability of Activision content being limited to Xbox or features being removed for release on other platforms.


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