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Why Sea of Thieves Needs To Remove PvP ASAP

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Sea of Thieves is an Open World Action-Adventure game developed by Rare. playing as pirates the player's goal is to explore the seas, collect treasure and do voyages with the local trading companies. However there is also, unfortunately, one aspect of Sea of Thieves that is preventing it from becoming a masterpiece and that is PvP, people could be out enjoying the game and BAM! Another player shows up, destroys their ship and ruins all their hard work. I believe that Sea of Thieves should remove PvP from the vanilla servers and here are some Pros and Cons to this very thing happening.


Players will be able to enjoy their time hanging out with their friends and collecting treasure without having to worry about other players griefing them and stealing their loot. Nothing is worse than spending hours collecting treasure only for someone to snatch it at the last second before handing the treasure in. it’s not something that players opt into with the PvP and there’s already the NPC threat to worry about with ghost ships and krakens, ect.

It would bring more of a sense of collaboration rather than competition between players. Rare has a unique opportunity to turn this game from something often toxic into a genuinely fun experience for all.

Would allow for Arena Mode to be reintroduced for those that do want to PvP and will act as said opting in. The reason Arena Mode failed in the first place is that the PvP community was split up between those that wanted to fight each other and griefers who only wanted to pick on those who are just casually playing with their friends.

Will allow players to more thoroughly enjoy the content being added to the game.


Rare would most likely have to create an additional threat on the seas like more skeleton ships or similar to make up for the reduced players on PvE servers.

Players that are on the fence about PvP would need to pick a game mode to play on, this isn’t that much of an issue though given they can just choose whichever one they felt like at the time.

The developers would have to use their resources on undertaking this task. This would, unfortunately, mean less additional content for the near future however it would improve the game significantly by making the community more welcoming in PvE.

Closing thoughts:

In conclusion, the pros heavily outweigh the cons of removing PvP and this is most certainly the direction that Rare should go for the future of Sea of Thieves. It may be a shock to the PvP community but there will be places where they would still be able to fight other players so it’s a non-issue.

And there you have it, why Sea of Thieves should remove PvP ASAP. Tell us what you think in the comments and if you have any opinions on this, feel free to share them.

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