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Why Final Fantasy XIV Needs Unskippable Cutscenes

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Final Fantasy XIV is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, with thousands of hours of content, 24 million players, and a heap of content that you can do with your friends and strangers alike. However games like this have their points of conflict, one particular argument that I have seen recently was around cutscenes in raids, and whether more experienced players should be waiting on those that want to watch the cutscenes before fighting the boss.

There are really two sides to this argument, the first is from the newer players and those that think that experienced players should wait as it’s only fair to the newer ones, the second is that newer players should just skip the cutscenes and watch them in their own time or just miss the first few minutes of a boss fight as “they aren’t missing anything anyway”.

My personal view takes the first side of the argument a bit further, in that not only do i believe that players should be waiting for new players as it’s only fair, but i believe that Square Enix should make it so that cutscenes are unskippable for everyone if there is a new player participating in the duty. So here is my list of Pros and Cons for making cutscenes unskippable for new players.


The main reason that this idea should be implemented into Final Fantasy is that newer players are actually able to experience the content of the game to the fullest without having to skip the beginning of boss fights to be able to watch the cutscenes.

Having unskippable cutscenes was the solution to the final dungeon of ‘A Realm Reborn’ as

players were watching cutscenes and the rest of the party was basically defeating all the bosses before they had a chance to actually play the game. And for new players this has been a really welcome solution.

And as a third and final pro, it would give the newer players opportunities to ask for tips on mechanics or anything they need to know for upcoming bosses or things they need to work on to help them improve on the way they play.


There are only really two downsides to this particular solution that may happen, the first would be that players that are low on time yet still want to speed through a dungeon or raid may not be able to do this. However, in my opinion, if you aren’t able to make time for a few extra minutes of time in the duty, maybe it’s not the best time for you to be doing that particular duty in the first place.

The second downside ties in heavily with the first and that’s players that have played through the duty previously would be forced to wait whilst newer players experience the cutscenes for the first time. Given the fact that FFXIV is heavily cooperative, you really should be waiting for the newer players anyway since you play as a team.

And there you have it, The reasons for and against having unskippable cutscenes for new players of FFXIV. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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