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Underground Murder: A Murder Mystery Escape Room Review (Spoiler Free)

Those of you who tuned into my stream on the 16th June will have seen myself and my fellow Commie colleagues play through Virtual Escaping’s Underground Murder, a murder mystery digital escape room filled with eerie sounds and tricky puzzles able to stump many amateur sleuths.

However, we tackled it and somehow solved the murder and were done in a time of 66 minutes (not enough to crack the leader board) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The game does atmosphere extremely well, with the low-light environment and lack of ambient sounds really making the player(s) feel like they’re trapped in a room. The choice of a train station granted a nice theme for a multitude of puzzles. The party has to decipher the murderer, the weapon, and the motive and once the tricky challenges are out of the way, it falls into place nicely.

I’ve done a few escape rooms physically, and managed to win in every scenario. This one, however, was the trickiest I’ve done yet.

Highly recommend.

Check out Virtual Escaping if you want to give it a go yourself.

If you want to check out our play through of this escape room, you can see it on our YouTube or below (sorry about the echo). Spoiler warning of course:

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