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Two Point Campus: Review

Throughout my days in university, I often wondered how hard it would be to keep a university campus going, and after my time with Two-Point Campus…. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. That being said, after playing through Two Point Hospital I did find myself my doctor what to do in my local practice…. he decided he should see other patients. But enough of my poor decisions! With the next two-point game hot off the presses and hand-delivered to any game pass owners, I am here to tell you if this school running sim is worth your time. Let’s dive in.

Two-Point studios who are most well known for their previous management sim Two-Point Hospital, have stuck to the tested formula in their new game. Keeping to the aesthetic and control that fans of the previous game will be used to, we are now given control of a handful of campuses to turn from failures into budding success stories. Given that we have no idea how to run a university campus (not assuming you can’t, just wonder why you’d do this as a job and then play the game) we are guided through a tutorial and then we are given tips as we progress through the different campuses. This is the game's story mode and will act as a guide on how to best tackle the job that we have no training for.

Unfortunately, in comparison to TP Hospital, there aren’t a lot of changes here and although the age-old crutch of ‘If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.’ rings true here, I was hoping for an enhanced experience. This management sim does well to teach you the various basics and needs that both staff and students will need as you grow your schools. With the inclusion of goals and objectives that can be completed as the school year progresses, you can find hours of playtime. But to those who seek a challenge within a game within this style, there will be a lot of hand holding and very little challenge that I found was present.

The humour of TP Campus does ring true in both the tutorials and in just the general gameplay. With a great performance from the narrator and some general school announcement updates that can pull some great humour out of nowhere. Much in the direction of the levels of cruelty that the Sims series can be known for, it can be hilarious to play around with the wants and needs of the student base. The animation of the inhabitants of the campuses is detailed, which given that most people will stay fairly distant during the game can seem to be wasteful. But to those who do enjoy getting zoomed in and feeling like you’re on campus, the level of detail can be incredible.

Ultimately there isn’t much else to talk about within this game, the game is chained to the imagination of the player. This can be a great compliment to those who can create masterful school experiences but can look like a mess to those who are just trying to tick the boxes. This can leave the game in a good or bad light depending on who you are as a gamer.

As this is free on Gamepass I would recommend any users give this school sim a try, as at the very least you can have some fun experimenting with different layouts and campus focuses for a few hours. As for those who wish to pay, there is a lot that can be done within the boundaries of the game, but if you’re like me, you may find yourself not feeling a challenge. Two-Point Campus is available now on Xbox, PC, Switch and PlayStation 4.

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