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Truck Driver Review: Ever Wanted to Drive a Truck?

Well personally I never wanted to drive a truck, but Truck-driver on PS4 turned my head, the game has realistic features that i crave in a simulator. As a simulator fan i crave the realism, from the indicating to the traffic lights, every part of me loved the driving in this game.

Each simulator game has its advantages and disadvantages, in some the visuals may look like a PlayStation one game but the smoothness of the gameplay make up for what it lacks graphically. With Truck-Driver, some parts of a virtual sunrise really stand out and some parts of the night-time gameplay just don’t work as well.

The missions are repetitive but the scale of the map makes up for the repetition. It maybe smaller than American Truck Simulator or On The Road, but Truck Driver PS4 does a good job creating an expansive open world experience. Refuelling isn’t as tedious or annoying as i thought when the game mechanic was introduced to me. It was a challenge to drive many miles on a mission while on half a tank of gas.

I kept giving myself challenges of how far can i get on low stamina and low petrol, it gave the game an increased difficulty, getting further up the map with less resources to help me. Attaching the trailer was a challenge at first to get lined up.

The required use of side mirrors was greatly appreciated when indicating and turning across main busy roads. The realism is amazing, even for a blocky simulator, the game still manages to give me a driving experience that I can relate to.

A stamina system does amazingly well to ground your character to humanity, as a human truck driver will get tired so does your character and must rest to keep from falling asleep. As much as traffic lights hinder us in our non simulated world, so do the virtual ones. If you don’t stop you can get fined, same with disobeying the speed limit, it can be rather pricey.

Damages to your cab will mean you need to repair, as it can misalign your steering wheel and cost you a few missions worth of money. The levelling up system is good, not as detailed as other games though I didn’t feel this game needed it.

I am a simulator fan and I was able to pick this up on sale, I felt I needed to experience this game. I simply adore the game for hours I played and enjoyed, I didn’t feel a ‘gamers fatigue’ with it, as i could consistently play mission after mission. Truck Driver does what it says on the digital case, making this one of the best simulators to play.

Pick up your copy and get driving for the PlayStation or Xbox here.

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