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Tormented Souls (the Demo). Review

August 27th is the release date of a game that is inspired by horror survival games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The game, Tormented Souls. I was incredibly lucky in the past week to come across a demo of Tormented Souls And this is what i thought…

Coming to the Xbox Series X and PS5 (and last generation) this action adventure game is filled with puzzles and gore-alike. Originally cancelled, Tormented Souls rose from its digital grave to reclaim our money and for good reason! Priced on the store at £16.99 this horror will have you screaming at its low price.

Now onto my experience playing this game, I won’t bore you with the cinematic intro or how you end up missing an eye. I felt the fixed camera angles were perfect, feeling like an original old school horror, with the inventory hosting your resources and clues, which can be examined and manipulated to your needs.

A dark sanatorium, a lone girl wondering the dark halls looking for answers… definitely something spooky going on in Winterlake. The character model looks that of a normal 20-something lady but i felt she was inspired but Claire Redfield from resident evil.

Graphically the game look like a PS2 horror, intentionally so, which fans like and know very well. As a horror fan this game made me feel quite sweaty as it has been a long time since I've played a fixed camera game. The visuals look creepy, like an old scooby doo animation which I adored.

The demo done a brilliant job of actually showing off a brand new story horror, no zombies or vampires in sight but definitely someone or something in the dark. Looks to be a love letter to old school horror.

I cannot wait to bring you a full review on August 27th check out the Robot-Republic on tiktok for a special reaction from the main man Dan.

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