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Top 5 ways to Study when you Procrastinate by Gaming

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Ever since high school I have always procrastinated instead of doing assignments and homework due to my gaming habits, often getting next to nothing done by the time it was due. It was only a few years ago when I finally learned how to balance my extensive gaming and my assessments in a way where I would both pass all my assessments but also not have to make massive changes to my gaming as well. So these are my personal tips to help you study when you are a procrastinator.

5. Turn off games/movies until after you’ve worked on the assessment

When I started trying to do my assessment instead of procrastinating this was the first step of what I did, basically not turning on your Xbox or PlayStation altogether and if possible working on your assessment in a different room than your consoles will help you keep your mind off the procrastination. If part of the issue is paying attention to the assessment and not wanting to scroll up and down the page to look at the questions and then answering , then perhaps having two separate pages open, one with the questions and the other with the area that you answer them will allow you to focus easier on answering.

4. Make a List of All your Assessments

This particular step will most likely only apply to people with a certain mindset, however I am one of those people. When doing assignments I make a list of all my assessments and every time I finish one I cross it off the list. And the satisfaction I get from the list getting smaller and smaller makes the assessments feel less overwhelming than they did before. If you’re doing more than one class then do one list per class, and focus on one class at a time.

3. Do NOT Have Social Media Open!

This tip is one of the most important ones in this list, when you are working on assessments, do not open social media, if you’re a procrastinator chances are that once you check social media you will scroll through it sometimes for hours at a time, if you’re talking to people you’ll continue to be distracted from the assessment. So this is basically saying do your best not to check social media. If you can’t help yourself then a good solution is to leave your phone out of reach when doing your work and logging out of social media on your PC.

2. Set Yourself a Daily Goal

One of the best ways to stop procrastinating, is to set yourself a goal as to how much progress you’ll make on your assessment by a certain time. This is more self imposed rather than a deadline and ideally you’ll want to set these goals before your assessments are due. For example, if you have 2 assessments both 3 pages long and the assessments are due in 2 weeks, you can set yourself a goal to have 1 page per day completed. Setting this goal as long as you use strategies used in some of the other tips will help you actually finish the assessments before it’s due.

1. Do your Assessment in small bursts

In my opinion this is the best way to help you study when you procrastinate by gaming or watching movies and it incorporates tip 4 as well is to do your assessments in small bursts. I had often found myself falling behind in my work due to playing games so what I started doing was everytime i finished a round of a game or everytime i finished a quest in Final Fantasy XIV I would go to my assessments and answer at least 2 of the questions. And I would repeat this until the assessment was completed.

If it’s an essay I would do one paragraph per quest. Basically a mix of setting yourself a goal and taking breaks in between gameplay. Doing this particular step has allowed me to get multiple assignments done within only a few hours where it would otherwise take me weeks if it was done at all. To help out with this particular tip it would be best not to play games in a party when you need to get assessment done so you feel no pressure that you’re keeping other people waiting by studying.

So there you have it, these are my personal top 5 tips to help you study when you’re procrastinating via Gaming. Let us know in the comments below if these tips helped you at all or if you have additional tips that may help.

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