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Top 5 Starter Tips for This War of Mine: Final Cut

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

This War of Mine: Final Cut is the newest addition to the Xbox Game Pass library, it is by no means an easy game and is overall a very unforgiving experience that will test your decision-making skills at every turn. The aim of this game is to survive the war and to do so you’ll need to be prepared for the challenges ahead so here is my top 5 starter tips for This War of Mine

5. Loot the starting house

The house you start your run in will possess a ton of materials that you’ll be able to use to craft at the beginning of the game, as soon as you have the necessary materials start by crafting a workbench and metal workbench so you can create shovels and lockpicks to be able to scavenge the house in its entirety

4. Upgrade your workbench as soon as you’re able to

Upgrading your workbench when it becomes available will allow you to craft things like barricades which will prevent your house from being looted by enemies, traps for small animals which allow you to begin farming for raw meat, and the guitar which when played will assist in reducing depression states in your characters.

3. Collect raw materials for the first few trips

For the first few nights where you’ll be looting around the city whilst you can technically steal whatever you like, it is recommended that you start by collecting parts and wood at first so that you can work on upgrading your facilities as well as crafting useful tools to assist you in the future.

2. Avoid feeding your characters until they are ‘Very Hungry’

This tip may seem harsh, however, when you’re starting the game you typically just don’t have enough food to be able to sustainably feed them every time they are feeling hungry, they won’t die from being in the very hungry stage so it’s best to do that until you’re able to collect enough raw meat to survive and have the chance to build a water filter and stove.

1. Sleep During the Daytime

Having up to two of your characters sleep during the day whilst the others are working on crafting and upgrading things is the best way to maximize your time, as long as you cycle through your characters with sleep then during the night time you’d be able to utilize all those well-rested characters and use them as night guards, meaning you’ll be able to loot the outside world during the night and be at peace knowing that you’ll be safe from intruders back at the base

And there you have it, those are my Top 5 Starter Tips for This War of Mine: Final Cut. Tell us what you think in the comments below and what you would add to the list.

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