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Top 5 Moments in Resident Evil

With the recent release of Village, I thought it was a good time to revisit all previous games and come up with the best moments [from my perspective]. And as I've not yet [at time of writing] experienced the latest release, it won't be featuring here. Let's get straight into it!

Number 5 – Resident Evil 5, Chapter 3.

Delving into number 5, as my first entry on this list. For me, having to use a boat to navigate breaks up the mundane feeling of the usual format of roaming from building to building [if you're less sure of how to play like myself]. I'm all for having different challenges, within the usual slightly predictable challenge of 'some big hulking mass is after you' in its various forms across the games. It's not so much the one specific moment, but to me, the overall chapter experience, which has different elements, many mini battles.

We're guna need a bigger boat.

The sequence to get the level complete, then culminates in a fantastic enclosed battle, in the shanty town and once complete, is very satisfying and not so much as the level itself, but the combination of areas, plus the final battle in this chapter makes this my 5th top moment.

Number 4 – Resident Evil 0 – Animal puzzle

I'm not the most puzzle-oriented person, but this one feels special in that there's quite a bit of back and forth [between the two different characters] involved to get here, [plus many different enemies and hazards] and then the puzzle itself. This feels like a tough challenge, but one that is so rewarding when finally completed.

Deer puzzle? My house just has a door with a lock, pathetic really.

It is a bit of a strange dynamic between the two characters, so not including that as a basis, i'd still rank it here, if I enjoyed playing as each character more. I think it’s as mentioned, a tougher series of challenges than the above entry, but there are far more challenging and rewarding ones further down the list. I like the unique elements here though, and while I'm not a fan of swapping and changing to get through a game, but I feel that its justified here. Not quite on the podium, but a solid effort.

Number Three – Resident Evil 4 – Mine cart ride

This starts simply, and quietly enough, but soon devolves into something more than that! I must also confess, I haven't played this one in some time, but I always think back with fond memories of this particular level. Much has been said about 4 not being a good RE game, in much the same way as Fallout 4 is a terrible Fallout Game. More on that another time though.

Anything 'Thunder mountain' esk is a winner for me.

Possibly, one of the strongest points in this game, and the payoff for getting through it is relief and kickassery! Knowing when to jump between carts, and when to stay is really key here, but very fun test of accuracy and one that's certainly not the worst moment in my list, but I think it’s a very fitting bronze position.

Number Two – Resident Evil 7 – projector puzzle

After you've done with Jack [by whichever methods you choose] this is the next part of the game, that is equally enjoyable, as it is challenging, and eerie.

There will be a hallway battle with memory as to where you've been and need to go as there is quite a bit of meandering back and forth, it can become a bit tricky later in this chapter, but for now, it’s pretty straight forward. After finding what you need, in a bath, but before you can grab it, it would need to be drained, and then you have to run and try and hide and make your way back to the room shown above. Fun little battle, and once back, you can begin to solve the puzzle, which enables you to get to the next bit. Simple, effective but very high on adrenaline and once through, deep breaths are required.

Number One – Resident Evil 2 - Tyrant

I like this one, and I like the way the story changes, either based on which character you're playing as, or which play through you're doing. What doesn't change is the feeling of euphoria when I beat the moment in this position, and I think it’s very worthy of the gold medal! This moment is focussing on the first play-through as Leon though.

Trilby's can't not give off 'neck beard' energy, sorry Mr X. Nice wrist belts though.

Bonus points, if when he first appears you shoot his hat off, [remake] but this isn't the final form of the Tyrant. It all starts with the felling of a helicopter, and when you find enough stuff and the correct path, to remove the debris, the Tyrant appears on the scene again.

Be patient, and if you can beat this monster in the enclosed space, you can probably beat anything Resident Evil has to throw at you. Not unassisted mind, and hopefully this isn't a spoiler, but a mystery helper drops something off for the final stage of the battle, and just one shot on target, away it goes, and off you go into the rest of the game.

There we have it, my run down of my favourite moments of the franchise. Thanks for reading and hopefully I’ll see you next time.

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