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Top 5 Hidden Gems On Xbox Gamepass

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Xbox Game Pass offers a wide range of popular titles from Doom Eternal to Quantum Break to Sea of thieves. These games for a lot of people are the main draw for people who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, but there are plenty of hidden gems within the service that may not get as much attention, but are definitely games you won’t regret trying. Here are my top 5 hidden gems in the Game Pass library.

5. Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition (Team Cherry)

Fans of Dark Souls and Ori and the will of the wisps may have heard of this game, and that’s because hollow knight feels like a strange mix of the two franchises, with the gameplay style of Ori, and the difficulty and skill required for dark souls. Hollow knight is an action-adventure where you explore the world of Hallownest, an underground ruined kingdom beneath a wasteland. Within Hallownest you must battle the powerful creatures below, and maybe along the way befriend some bugs as well.

The soundtrack of this game is one of the best soundtracks you may find in gaming. Making the entire ruined kingdom feel alive.

This game may test your patience and will be difficult for the first few hours of the game, but it’s an experience that’s well worth the struggle. Hollow Knight: Voidheart edition also contains the 4 large content packs that have been made since Hollow knight was released, so you will get a complete experience when playing.

Behind those Hollow Soulless eyes lays a platformer with lots of soul.

4. Peggle 2 (Popcap games)

Peggle 2 is a fantastical puzzle game where the goal is to clear the orange pegs from each level with the 10 balls that you shoot from a cannon at the top of the screen.

Peg Party is for playing Peggle? I've had a very drastic misunderstanding.

To aid you in this endeavour you will work with the 5 Peggle masters, each with their own unique abilities. There are over 120 levels and trials that you can complete, as well as a 4 player peg party mode, or face a friend locally with a 2 player duel where you face each other to see who can get the highest score.

3. Darkest Dungeon (Red Hook Studios)

One of the newer additions to Xbox Game Pass is the challenging gothic roguelike turn-based RPG Darkest Dungeon. A game about the difficulties of adventuring, your goal is to eliminate the evil coming from your family estate. To do this you must recruit, train and face powerful enemies with your party of heroes.

Although the enemies aren’t the only thing you will have to worry about in this game, disease, famine, stress, injury are also things you will need to think about whilst playing this game. Darkest dungeon is not a game for the faint of heart, but if you can overcome the horrors within, Darkest dungeon will become an experience you won’t soon forget.

2. Yes, Your Grace (No More Robots)

Yes, Your Grace is a Kingdom management RPG where each turn you must see to the petitioners in your throne room, where they’ll ask you to help them with their problems, as king you must make the decision whether to reserve resources to deal with more important issues, or to help them out.

Look pal, we've got a war to prepare for. You'll just have to make multiple trips to the car.

On top of the kingdom management aspect of the game you also will have family matters to attend to, your interactions with your family and the overall story will determine each character's fate.

1. Mount and Blade: Warband (Taleworlds)

Mount and blade: warband is a strategy action RPG where you must decide the fate of the land of Calradia, a country that has been torn apart by war. What most people that have played this game enjoy about it is the freedom that this game offers. You can become a mercenary and offer your sword to the lords of each kingdom. Compete in tournaments, hunt down bandits for profit. Trading goods as a merchant, helping one of the kingdoms take over the entire land or even become a king or queen yourself.

Mount and blade is a massive medieval sandbox game where you design your character and invest in skills to be whatever you choose them to be. The combat is also one of mount and blades biggest draws in that you can lead an army into combat in first or third person whilst also being involved in the battle itself. Even laying siege to the many castles and towns in the land. Mount and blade: warband in my opinion represents the freedom that RPG’s should aspire to, even if this particular game isn’t to your liking. It is definitely a game that absolutely everyone should experience on Game Pass.

And there you have it, those are my top 5 hidden gems on Xbox Game Pass, feel free to comment below and tell us what you think are some must play hidden gems and why you think people should give them a shot.

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