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Hi! I'm Matt and I’m back to guide you through another List. This time it's top 10 never should have been Games. All personal opinion of course, so any disagreements, come directly to me, not the republic! So, strap in, get the popcorn and let’s get critical.

In at Number 10 – Fallout 4.

Now, I know what people think, “but 76 is worse” Well, yes, it is, but you also all asked for a multiplayer Fallout game. There was a reason why it never was, but maybe that's later on in the list ;) To me though, it's like adding multiplayer to a Bioshock game … Back to Fallout 4 though, I realise the former style had become a bit stale, however, I see no reason why your latest game [at that time] has to try and be 4 games in one. It became convoluted and a poor edition.

Pretty cool way to customise your in-game character, and it added voices too!

While, it does have some cool gameplay, and some spectacular settings, but if I wanted to build a house, I'd play The Sims. And I don't honestly think that building a community, in this style should be in a Fallout Game. Maybe I Expected too much, such as my love the previous couple of games? Is it my fault?!

In at number 9 – F1 2015

While Code masters take a lot of stick for their efforts at times, this one really felt like they couldn't be bothered. No original features, no proper career mode, and nothing memorable for the right reasons. I think that people would have been more satisfied, if they didn't make this, and waited a year, to fully focus on “what was then Next Gen” and came up with a better game to play. Yes, the graphics were solid and there were no real visual issues, but I don't really think that's enough to save it from making this list.

In at number 8 – Mass Effect Andromeda

As a massive plan of the trilogy, I like others, was a bit sad with the way the franchise fizzled out.... but it didn't. They gone and made another one, didn't they? It's a decent game but it’s not a good Mass Effect game. It certainly helped get back “up to speed” with how the trilogy worked, but that's about as good as it got. Shepherd became 'Ryder', and the Normandy became the 'Tempest'. Not as catchy, but it is a 'reboot'...

Except, they're talking about Mass Effect 4, which “will be a direct sequel to both ME3, AND Andromeda. How will that even work? Something tells me, that it will render Andromeda obsolete, however. Brave attempt to reboot? A popular franchise, but nothing can ever compare to the original. I guess, the galaxy always goes on, unless you leave it out in the sun too long. I'll get my coat, but not before I finish my job here.

In at number 7 – Shaq Fu

Yes, you read that right, a fighting game, starring a basketball player. This is arguably one of the most highly criticised games ever, but it does have some good points [which are enough to save it from being higher up the list, but aside from the graphical style of the game, the smooth animations [which from 1994 is no mean feat] but that’s pretty much where the praise must end and really pay attention to the rest of the colossal waste of resources. Clunky controls, and badly rendered sprites, making it pretty much a don’t play, and certainly, would be better if it wasn't ever made.

WAIT, THERES ANOTHER ONE?! Look what you've done now.... [Also, I do own a copy of the original on the SNES and I recently attempted to play it, and it’s as miserable as I heard]. Give up. PLEASE NO MORE SHAQ FU!

In at Number 6 – Ninjabread Man

Well, this was an entertaining idea in theory, it just failed to deliver on what was promised. Controlling a gingerbread man with ninja skills. The controls are abysmal, in fact, you'd have more joy trying to play Contra on someone else's controller, looking at their screen and they're playing something else. At least contra has a purpose, it’s just extremely tricky [understatement]. Don't really have much else to say on this one.

In at number 5- Baseball Games in General

It's extremely hard to make a game, based on a sport that most of the world don't watch, particularly in Europe that can captivate the imagination of the user. I think the closest that comes to that magic box tick is Road to the Show, but even that becomes a bit tedious in nature at times even for a fan of the sport. But then I think it's the nature of sports games, they all, in different ways have this level of tedium, and unfortunately, simulating the life of an MLB 'Superstar' isn't for everyone.

In at number 4- Crackdown 2

I'll admit, I loved the first one so much, I was annoying my friends about wanting Crackdown 2 made, and they'd tell me it wouldn't be. Well, I was right, but I wish I wasn't. Perhaps again, it was a case of me expecting too much, but the first one, was perfect [to me], graphically, playability, mission difficulties [getting harder as you go] and interactivity. I'm yet to experience any of these elements in Crackdown 2 [and to some extent 3]. It could have been so much better, but it just feels like they haven't hit the mark, although some good improvements were made over the first one, so it’s not all bad, but it just left me feeling a little underwhelmed [though can you ever be just whelmed ]?

In at Number 3- Goat Simulator

So, I’m a goat? That's the game? Cool. I've never wondered what it would be like, if I wasn't a human, and I was a goat. I guess, now I don't have to do that, but that lifestyle isn't for me. If you enjoy it, fair enough, but I think I'll stick to walking about on two legs and sitting on comfortable furniture in my house. Or maybe I’ll become bread. These things are cool, however in Prop Hunt, but that's about it, multi-player chaos with friends, where you can become anything!

In at number 2 – Turning Point – Fall of liberty

Where do I even start with this one? At the end? It doesn't bode well for a game though when it’s said that the best part of it, is the soundtrack. This does absolutely nothing for the shooter genre, and absolutely nothing when you finish the game [or it finishes you]. I'm almost certain, when I owned this back on the days of the 360 [but I still use it, am I still current gen]? It was impossible to complete. You'd arrive at the last level, and the game would just stop.

By InsideGamer, Game Published by... Codemasters? Oh, that makes sense. Not to mention, the game only has 5 main chapters, and one of the is impossible/unplayable, but at least the game was programmed without graphical glitches, not unlike number one on the list....

In at Number 1 – WWE 2K20

Many adjectives have been thrown around to describe this one, but I’d go with absolutely unplayable at its best. Absolutely dreadful at its worst. Game breaking bugs, and just an absolute mess of a once powerful franchise player in the wrestling game catalogue. While it has been through many guises, and has had many styles, the WWE 2k quirks, meant that somehow, glitches were always possible, but never as bad as how they would end up in this, [unfortunately] can’t be forgotten game, Games are always said to be memorable, but usually in the best form, this one tapped out of the series, and they missed 2K21 altogether.

This is actually, a Create a Wrestler option [I Think]? Either way, it looks more at home in Fallout New Vegas where you encounter the ghouls. No disrespect to the wrestler this is SUPPOSED to be.

Sadly, it didn't really get better than that and it made the news, and Sony refunded a lot of people for this debacle. If this shamble of an existence was released in the 80s, it might be passable. [if you're wearing a blindfold] But certainly not in 2019 as it was then.

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