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The Next PlayStation Event

There are more rumours afoot in the PlayStation camp. Multiple in fact.

A new event, set for August 12th.

Though this is not the PlayStation Experience we have been anticipating. Some suggest it may show off the next God of War, Horizon Forbidden West and the new PlayStation VR. However, the source isn’t strong, and this sounds a lot more like a wish list.

Looking hard into the horizon for a reliable source.

Yet given the recent PlayStation state of play disappointing pretty much everyone, it would be a smart move for Sony to either bring the big guns or keep quiet till they’re loaded.

The second rumour is that the PlayStation Experience will be showing up either December this year, or March 2022. Wildly different dates, so I’d take all of this with a Kratos sized fist of salt.

I'm not mad, just disappointed.

Sony, missing from E3 as is the norm now, really could do with something of a mind blowing show to counter the fantastic Xbox Bethesda presentation and the Nintendo Direct. While we would never write off PlayStation, as they’ve a proven track record, things are a little dry on the positive news front.

Fingers crossed we will find out in the coming days or weeks about the next big showing, and they’ll deliver us something Dual-Sensational.

Keep yourselves sated on the Sony front with original recipe Horizon for PS4.

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