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The New Silent Hill game has been Rated in South Korea

There have been a lot of rumours this year about a new Silent Hill game recently, there have been claims that there are multiple new games in development. So far there's been no official confirmation for Silent Hill but it looks like a new game has just been rated in Korea First reported by Gematsu, something called “Silent Hill: The Short Message” has now been rated for release in Korea. The listed publisher for it is UNIANA, a company Konami typically works with to publish its games in Korea. The rating is in Korean and doesn't specify the platforms for this new title or any other information. Considering the new 'game' is called “Silent Hill: The Short Message”, it's uncertain if this is even a full game. The cancelled 2014 Silent Hill game did receive a playable teaser called P.T to get players excited. It's possible this is another playable teaser for a new Silent Hill game which will be released alongside the official announcement. Hopefully, the official rating means that Konami is planning to make a big announcement within the next few months.


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