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The Case for: Harry Potter Video Games

If you have been reading my pieces on this site since I began as a content contributor here, you will know that I am quite the pop culture nerd and so when it came to writing more pieces there is one thing that I just had to write about.

It is no secret that I am accustomed to movie tie-in games and will always opt for an adventure style game with a strong storyline as opposed to games which focus on team strategy. The reason for my love of these sorts of games is the responsibility of one globally recognised and acclaimed media franchise and brand, I am of course talking about: Harry Potter.

For those unaware, Harry Potter followed the trials and tribulations of a young wizard who was led to believe for the first 11 years of his life that he was unremarkable, after learning of his heritage entered a new and exciting world of magic, mischief and adventure.

It was no surprise that the series blew up and because of that, so did the merchandising capabilities. (I’d be lying if I said I never had a wand collection as a child and matching invisibility cloak!) I remember first discovering the Harry Potter games and although looking back now the graphics were shocking, the gameplay was sometimes laggy and at times I wondered how on earth they expected children to complete some of the tasks (anyone else remember the dreaded broomstick lesson challenge and how many attempts it took?), they were still some of my most loved gaming memories.

As a big Harry Potter fan growing up I was incredibly excited whenever a new movie was released but I was more excited knowing that a game release would follow shortly after. Although in its later years the game developers did arguably become a little more…lazy…I found myself spending hours upon hours in these wizarding worlds!

Although the franchise ended and the original gaming series ended with it, the legacy of such games and characters still lives on today with the upcoming game Hogwarts Legacy. It is lovely to see a franchise that is so close to my heart will be enjoyed by a new generation.

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