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The Adam Project: Review

This review contains minor spoilers for The Adam Project.

Providing viewers with the means to never have to go out again, Netflix continues to provide blockbusters with top tier casting and stories. The Adam Project is Netflix’s latest sci-fi adventure featuring the ever-lovable Ryan Reynolds, weaving through space and time to right some wrongs in the universe. This was an unexpected treat in my opinion, although not hitting the mark of spectacular in every way like everyone seems to expect from media these days. The Adam project seeks to tell a story of family and regret as many time travel-based stories do, following Adam Reed as both a boy (Walker Scobell) and adult (Ryan Reynolds).

From start to finish we follow the adult Adam as he travels back in time with the intent of retrieving something he lost and correcting the broken future he travels from. Fairly early on we find his younger self being bullied and struggling with the loss of his father (Mark Ruffalo). Struggling with him is his Mother Ellie Reed (Jennifer Garner), who attempts to connect with her son who is clearly struggling with his father’s death. As the two Adams collide and the reason for the older Adam's time jump is made clear, the two set out on a mission to save the future. This is the clearcut version of the story but there are many human moments within this action-packed adventure that are of note.

Let it be said here and now that I am a wuss when it comes to films with dogs and love, both in family and romantically. Although there is a very good doggo present in this film, the emotion comes from its main cast’s relationships and interactions. Ryan Reynolds brings the emotion of regret in spades as he enters 2022, expressing his hatred of how he treated his mother after his father’s death as a child. Rarely are we given the opportunity to express regret to those we’ve wronged years after we realise it. In only a few powerful scenes we see him express his sadness and even lift her up without her knowing who he is. I did fear for a back to the future moment where she flirted with him but luckily the writers stuck with the emotional track.

We also get to see both Adams reunite with their lost father, leading to some touching father-son moments with the young Adam. Walker Scobell who made his first appearance on screen in The Adam project is clearly the boy who should play the young version of any Ryan Reynolds characters. This boy projects the same energy as Ryan in so many ways, and as a 12-year-old it’s honestly shocking to be okay with him speaking like Deadpool. The cast for this film is truly golden, with the likes of Zoe Saldana and Catherine Keener also playing major roles.

This film isn’t the perfect Sci-fi film so anyone comparing it to Star Wars will feel like it’s underwhelming. This film is a short experience that highlights the importance of family and taking care in every moment we have with them. Although the plot takes some time to really get off the ground, the experience is filled with so many human moments. These moments can be anything between humorous and heartwarming and I was left teary-eyed at many points. If you have the time this weekend or have a few hours, this is a solid film that will move you with a good cry or a good laugh.

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