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SUPERMAN: The Game That Did Not See the Light

Since the last Superman game in 2007, which came under the title Super Man Returns, we've been hearing about games being developed for that popular character from the comics, and then disappearing, without more games being released for that beloved character. Some speculate that this is due to the fact that the avionics are difficult to design elaborately, which is what today's games require.

There is no doubt that the Batman Arkham series has raised the bar for players' ambitions in terms of superhero games, and then Spiderman Ps4 came to take these ambitions to the sky. It's not acceptable for superhero games to come out modestly anymore. There are two DC games that were officially announced during the official DC event last year (August 2020) They are Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, in which Superman appears in the official advertisement and poster, and another game, Gotham Knights, which is a cooperative multiplayer series set in the world of the Arkham series that lets you play with members of the Bat family - except for Batman himself - but where is Superman from DC future projects?

The head of the team that developed the last cancelled Superman game came out to us to tell us how this development process is going, and the reasons for cancelling the project despite it being an “ambitious project” from her point of view, so let us tell you the details.

First, when was the development of Superman underway, and what was the general idea?

The game was developed between 2007 and 2008, and the gameplay was based on one central idea:

"Presenting violent battles, reflecting that Superman and his enemies already possess supernatural abilities, which all Superman games failed to provide satisfactorily. The destruction that the forces of Superman and his enemies can cause if a battle takes place between them in the middle of a sanctuary or inhabited area is massive, and we wanted to show this through air battles, and the possibility of entering your enemies into buildings, and using their bodies to damage the environment in a cinematic form somewhat similar to Zack Snyder’s films, and that was before the release of Man of Steel. It was an unattainable ambition, but we achieved it!"

"We had been working on a beta version, and were close to going into final production when everything stopped"

And She Added:

"We didn't want to rely on the usual elements of Superman games, such as battles with a group of droids, or the use of kryptonite, we hoped that villains close to Superman in his strength and abilities would finally appear "

This game was supposed to see the light of day in conjunction with the second part of a series that was intended to be produced by DC led by director Bryan Singer as a sequel to the events of Superman Returns, but with the cancellation of the film the game was also cancelled.

The developers of this game intended to make the world crowded and crowded (in terms of its time) so that the player could enjoy the feeling of this mechanism of surrounding environmental destruction, and they also noted that all Superman games focus on unfair events, and none of them focus on street and middle fights people, or indoors.

The events of the story revolve as a continuation of the events of the Justice League Unlimited series, and the special shape of the city was inspired by the shape of the city of Metropolis in the comics, or the animated series that appeared in it, as attention was paid to embodying the horizontal appearance of the city, as some city streets in the series passed through buildings. High-rises, which the developers considered important in a game where you'll spend a lot of time in the air, what they mean here is that they wanted the city to always be close to the player's eyes, as realistic as possible.

There was also a focus from the developers on introducing environmental interaction other than destruction only in the game world, which is the possibility of Superman or enemies using objects from their surroundings to throw at each other, which makes the environment more interactive than the Superman games that preceded this ambitious project.

The developers also intended to include the planet Apocalypse (Darkseid's main enemy of Superman), but the game wasn't going to be an open world game, but rather close to the last Avengers game, a linear game with some semi-open settings. Salvatrix justified this despite the endurance of the engine they used, saying:

"Our engine could handle large swaths of cities, but we preferred to work on semi-open areas to make them lively, and fill them with fine detail. Some of that stuff is interesting to us as developers but it wouldn't be interesting to viewers if they watched it without trying it"

And She Added:

" We weren't excited about the project when we got commissioned, but with time and study of Justice League Unlimited we've come to understand why the task of developing a Superman game is so difficult. It's because of his great strength, and because the stories we like and relate to that character are usually not about how strong he is. So, we don't find many interesting games for this character"

This was all the information that came out recently about the cancelled Superman game, but I regret to inform you that this is not the only Superman game that is being cancelled, and that there is a rumour that there is a game that was developed after the title of Batman Arkham Knight but was cancelled shortly after the development process also started behind Closed doors (without advertising the game). These rumours have been around for years, but no one has confirmed or denied them, so we have to adhere to the official news, which confirms the appearance of Superman in the game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which we do not know yet if it will be another service game similar to the Avengers game, and whether it will be Is Superman playable in?

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