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Star Trek Is 55 Years And Is Entering It’s Prime … Again.

Star Trek has been on our television, cinema and kindle screens for just over half a century now in one form or another. Some doom sayers on youtube are preaching that will not continue long. If you will permit me to, I would like to do an impression of WWE great Wade Barret: ‘I’m afraid I’ve got some BAD NEWS!!!’

Yep. Mass renewal has happened. Not just for one show, oh no. Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard, Star Trek Lower Decks, the unaired Star Trek Strange New Worlds and new kid on the block, Star Trek Prodigy have all been renewed for new seasons. That is on top of the episodes they already have to broadcast as is shown below.

In 1994 (and the very start of 1995), Star Trek could easily be argued to be in great shape. Star Trek: The Next Generation came to an end after a seventh season with multiple Emmys and other awards. The spin off’s own first of four motion pictures was released to fanfare. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine did its second of what would be seven seasons. Even with a three-parter episode, something the entire Star Trek franchise had never dabbled with before. A further spin-off (and a strong contender for my own favourite), Star Trek: Voyager would premiere, spending seven years as the flagship for the fledgling UPN Network and would even go on to help publicise the World Wrestling Federation when they would come to the network in late 1999 (specifically the episode ‘Tsunkatse’ featuring The Rock - more WWE and generally awesome wrestling coverage on the Robot Republic’s own Recharge Wrestling podcast and articles).

An arguable second golden era for Star Trek was in its own 30th year, 1996. Not only did it produce the critically and financially well-received Star Trek First Contact, but even with The Next Generation off the air, Deep Space Nine and Voyager were very firm hands on the Star Trek tiller.

This can be seen in abundance in those spin-off show’s own 30th-anniversary episodes, ‘Trials and Tribble - A Tions’ and ‘Flashback’ respectively. Even in Voyager’s own 1996 underrated two-parter ‘Future’s End’ was a further example of that vice-like, firm grip which those then-current shows had on the aforementioned tiller. A very arguable golden era.

Well, twenty-six years later (and oddly one day after the date when the calendar literally says 1701 - the United Space Ship Enterprise’s Naval Construction Contract number - come on lads, open goal) I would argue two things. The first is that my previous best of Star Trekarticle will need updating. Secondly, it might be the new golden era. Again.

Yes, all the five current shows of the Star Trek franchise have been renewed. In the case of Star Trek Discovery (in many ways as it was the first Star Trek television show since Star Trek Enterprise’s untimely demise in 2005) has been renewed for its fifth season, once the 2nd half of the 4th season airs. Star Trek Picard, the show arguably worst hit by COVID of the five, has got a definite air date for season 2 (see above) and has definitely been renewed for its third season. Star Trek Lower Decks, the frankly brilliant adult animation which only started airing in 2020, has been given a date for season three to air and picked up for a fourth already.

The new children’s animation Star Trek Prodigy (starring Voyager’s own Kate Mulgrew) has been picked up for its own second season and finally, before airing even a second of its first episode, Star Trek Strange New Worlds has also been given a definite airdate and renewed for a second season too.

All in all, this is a great and plentiful time to be a Trekkie. To ALL fans, be you one like me who has been a fan for decades or relatively new to the franchise; a bountiful treasure awaits you, I think I speak for everyone at Robot Republic when I say I can not wait to see you watching this luxury.

Could there be a 14th film? Well, the unprecedented moment when five concurrent Star Trek shows are renewed is upon us. It has also been nearly six years since the last film, Star Trek Beyond. We are well overdue for a new one, this is the broadest gap between them so far and is not getting shorter. I personally would not be surprised if we do, particularly as rumours of it both directed by Quentin Tarantino and not are ever persistent.

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