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Square Enix announces a playable “collectible art project”

Square Enix sold various major IPs and studios to Embracer Group earlier this year so that they could chase blockchain popularity. This time, Square Enix has announced a “new franchise” built around NFTs. The “first digital collectible art project” is a new game called 'Symbiogenesis' where collectible art is being used in the game. Square Enix has revealed that the art can be used “as a character” in the game where players will need to complete missions “that revolve around questions of the monopolization and distribution of resources”. The art from the game can also be used as a social media profile picture so they do have limited use outside of the game too. In June, Square Enix revealed in its 2022's Shareholders' Meeting Report that it wanted to create “story-focused” NFTs and it looks like Symbiogenesis is one of these. Square Enix states the game will offer “an interactive story and a dedicated community”.


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