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Sony joins the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle at E3 2021!

The latest Super Smash Bros. fighter is *checks notes* a Tekken fighter?!

Kazuya Mishima, seen in Nintendo’s E3 20201 Direct showcase yeeting beloved Nintendo characters into the maw of a raging volcano, is the fifth confirmed brawler of the game’s Fighers Pass Vol. 2, making him the staggering 81st playable compadre.

In a series that’s fairly familiar with third-party characters at this point, grabbing a fighter with as much popularity as Kazuya wouldn’t be as monumental if Tekken hadn’t been a PlayStation exclusive since its inception back in 1994.

From the early trailer gameplay, he looks as though he will control in a similar fashion to Ryu, maintaining some of his traditional control mechanics. That means plenty of powerful combos and wall-whomping whoop-ass for fans of the original series.

Smash Bros. continues to be a love letter to gaming, and Kazuya is another phenomenal acquisition in Nintendo’s sprawling brawler.

Who do you think we’ll see announced next towards the end of the year? Let us know in the comments (or we’ll kick your ass, Kazuya-style*)

*This threat has absolutely no grounding in reality – though, I’m open to battles on Smash Bros. if you’re aching for a punch-up!

Get some practise in early, and pick up Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch today.

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