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Sonic Frontiers Switch ROM leaked in full

The past few months have been filled with games being leaked in full online shortly before release day. Sonic Frontiers is the latest 'victim' in the leaking spree. Short clips from Sonic Frontiers began appearing last week but someone has now decided to leak the full Nintendo Switch ROM for it. The file seemed to appear out of nowhere and no one has claimed responsibility for it yet. The ROM is downloadable and will run with an emulator so it's possible to play the full game already. Those who have played the Sonic Frontiers ROM have already begun sharing their experiences online. Most responses so far have been positive despite the apparent issues with resolution, blurry graphics and long loading times though it's uncertain if these issues are from the game, the emulator or how the ROM was obtained. Sonic Frontiers will release on November 8thand the leaks first began appearing at the start of the month. Anyone trying to avoid the leaks should be careful on all Sonic-relatedthere are social media accounts until the official release day. However, there's also some fake ROMs being circulated online as well.


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