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SmackDown Review (2021-12-03)

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

We kick off with the BEAST INCARNATE

Brock starts a promo saying he’s only here for the universal championship.

Sami Zayn’s music hits…

He comes out and says it’s been a long time coming for their paths to cross and that they’re similar as they’re both “Canadian alpha males” and that he’s a fan. Brock says he doesn’t know who Sami is and tells Sami to shut up.

Brock asks why he shouldn’t rip Samis head off, Sami explains he is the NO1 contender for the

Universal title, and that after he beats Roman, Brock can have the first shot at it.

Brock laughs at him.

Brock suggests a universal championship match between Sami and Roman tonight and reiterates this a whole bunch of times, Sami says thank you for the advice but no thank you as a result of this answer Brock intimidates/ forces Sami to accept the Universal title match tonight.

Brock finishes the segment by saying that he will be by Samis side tonight.

We come back from an advert break and Sami is talking with Sonya backstage, he tells her he doesn’t want to face Roman tonight, then Brock turns up and Sami again bottles it and agrees to face Roman and the winner will face Brock at DAY 1


Sasha banks vs Shayna Baszler

There’s some pretty standard early match wrestling and Shayna goes for a early attempt at the Kirifuda clutch,

Sasha gets out and takes control for a short while, she hits springboard arm drag, Shayna rolls all the way out the ring, Sasha follows up with a baseball slide and Shayna reverses into an ankle lock, Sasha reverses and hits a Apron meteora and follows up by putting Shayna back in the ring and hits a over the top rope meteora in the corner, she then runs to the opposite corner and Shayna follows and hits Sasha with a HEAVY knee and follows up with a gutwrench powerbomb for a 2 count. (Not really sure what Sasha was meant to be going for by running to the opposite side of the ring)

Sasha gets a reversal and takes control of the match, She hits 2nd rope meteora for a 2 count she continues her offence and hits a Tornado DDT for another near fall,

Loud Let’s go Sasha chants from the crowd she is very very over right now.

Shayna reverses a move into a Kirifuda which Sasha reverses into a bank statement, Baszler gets out and goes to hit another gutwrench powerbomb, Sasha rolls through and stacks Shayna up for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

A good match, nothing spectacular but Sashas matches are always good quality, The meteora never fails to surprise me, it really is one of my favourite moves in wrestling.

In general Shayna, her locks are very genuine and when done properly can seriously hurt, I like that authenticity but I feel like she needs to go back to being ruthless Shayna who decimates people, take her out of feuds that she loses more often than not for a while.

Sonya is FaceTiming Adam Pierce and he is saying he is not going to come to Smackdown tonight because Brock is going to be there.

Drew turns up and wants to know why he wasn’t included in the battle royal last week, Sonya blames Adam pierce and Drew says he wants a “chat”.

Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are out next and Corbin is wearing some funky get-up

It’s time for Happy talk

They talk about the battle royal from last weeks Smackdown, Moss says he had a ton of fun eliminating people, Corbin says it was a pretty funny prank for him to eliminate moss they both have a laugh, then throws a couple of insults at Jeff hardy… don’t go at my guy Corbin.

He goes on to insult Drew McIntyre and shortly after the hearty bagpipes of Drew’s music are heard.

Madcap Moss is sent out the ring to talk to Drew.

Back to the ring and Jeff turns up behind Corbin and hits a twist of fate on him, Madcap comes to attack Jeff and gets a Twist of fate and Moss eats a claymore aswell, the sound of this claymore was fantastic.

I really like this tag team that seems to be shaping up, they work really well together and have great chemistry so far. Hope they give them some genuine feuds and possibly title shots, I would not complain at a USOs vs Jeff and Drew feud, could be gold.

Another Xia Li promo

I’m apprehensive to see what they do with her, with all this build up I hope they have something big for her.

The Viking raiders are out next for their match with Los Lotharios

The Viking Raiders vs Los Lotharios

Erik and Angel start in ring, the Raiders take early control with aggressive early offence. Humberto gets a reversal and Los Lotharios go to hit their tag team attack,

Shinsuke and Boogs come out to distract Los Lotharios and Erik hits Humberto out the ring, Angel rolls up Erik for the win.

Winner: Los Lotharios

The Viking raiders go out to confront Shinsuke and Boogs but Boogs plays the Vikings theme tune on his guitar and they all beat their chests together.

Nothing really to say about this match, I’m probably underplaying the amount that happened as I’m not a massive fan of either of these teams, a typical Midcard tag team match, some nice moves and not a bad match technically, but very short.

Toni Storm is backstage for an interview with Kayla

Toni says she will not stop going for a title match, She says she is not scared or impressed by Charlotte flair carries on by saying she wants to beat Charlotte and be champion

Very typical #1 contender interview.


2 thirds of the bloodline are out for Jey Uso vs King woods they come down to the ring0 to hit a promo and they’re laughing at Sami Zayn again same as last week, they say the Head of the table is going to smash Sami tonight and Brock Lesnar at day 1.

Woods comes out with a microphone and says that the USOs don’t like surprises, but he has a surprise for them!

Sir Kofi is back! and after the loud Uso chants earlier, The New Day chants ring round the stadium.

Jey Uso vs Xavier Woods

Jey starts strong in this match hitting some typical Uso offence there is a lot of arguing between the

Jey in the ring and Kofi at ringside, Xavier get a reversal and starts to take control and Jimmy Uso pulls him off the top rope, and goes to beat on woods, but Kofi intervenes with a suicide dive he gets in the ring to hit Jey with a trouble in paradise and the New Day both beat on Jimmy, The USOs retreat up the ramp

Winners: The New Day by DQ

It seems like this could have been a much better match than it was, and I would even have taken them making it a tag team match, but it was far too short. It was a nice little comeback for Kofi but not want you want to see from this amount of talent.

Roman is backstage watching the match he doesn’t look happy, he asks Paul Heyman if he knew that Kofi was back or anything about Brock suspension being lifted. Paul says he is surprised as anyone, Roman says there is a lot of things Paul doesn’t know anymore

He goes on to say he is going to smash Sami tonight and if Brock comes anywhere near him, he’s going to smash Brock too.