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Silent Hill F is not Project Sakura or Short Message

Silent Hill F was recently announced during the recent Silent Hill showcase. However, this is not the previously leaked Project Sakura and is not Silent Hill: The Short Message which was recently rated for release in South Korea.

The revelation comes from proven leaked Dusk Golem on Twitter who states that Silent Hill F is not Project Sakura or Short Message. However, he does suggest that Project Sakura and Short Message are the same game. Dusk Golem also comments that it's clear Silent Hill F is related to the image that was leaked earlier this year but, it's not from the same game. The leaked image is the concept art of a hallway covered in notes, the UK slang and a strange pink-ish creature standing at the end of it. While this is just a rumour, the Silent Hill producer did state during the broadcast that not everything in development was included. This means there is at least one other project yet to be announced.

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