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Sega is getting a Blockchain Card Game

Sega is working with Double Jump Tokyo to create its first blockchain game based on the 2005 arcade game, Sangokushi Taisen. The game will be based on the Oasys blockchain platform, making Sega the second major studio to work with. Double Jump Tokyo recently announced on Medium that it was creating a new digital trading card game after getting permission from Sega. It will be based on the 2005 game Sangokushi Taisen which never received a sequel. Sangokushi Taisen is an arcade game that uses digital TCG mechanics but also uses some physical cards too. Previous game announcements for blockchain games haven't focused on what the game is and this one is no different. The post from Double Jump Tokyo is focused on the blockchain element and benefits of the Oasys platform. Sega hasn't publicly commented about the newly announced project, hopefully, it will shed some more light on what we can expect.

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Oct 17, 2023

Sega diving into blockchain card games is a testament to the expansive potential of this technology. Beyond just cryptocurrency exchange platform, blockchain is reshaping the gaming world, offering players unique ownership and trade possibilities. A nostalgic brand merging with cutting-edge tech is always exhilarating!

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