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[Rumour] - Big new release coming to Game Pass

Scarlet Nexus is an Anime styled hack, psi and slash that is due to release June 25th 2021 on Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

With the latest trailer showing off the intro song to this JRPG you it looks to be Bandai Namco’s answer to Sega / Atlus’s Persona series. Albeit a little more hard rock than swinging Jazz.

Focused on main protagonists Yuito Sumeragi, a new recruit of the OSF (Other Suppression Force) as he does battle against nightmare creatures in the city of New Himuka.

£5 says you win by the power of friendship

Looking to have a great style, soundtrack, and combat mechanics, this one does look to be a standout among Bandai’s usual calibre of anime tie in games they put out. While also having an anime tied to the IP, it’s being put out as a compliment to the game. Not a game thrown together off the back of the success of the anime.

What’s more, there is a rumour that Scarlet Nexus is due to drop day and date on Xbox’s subscription service Game Pass.

A little backstory straight from the Bandai mouth

If true, this will be huge news for Xbox who have traditionally not been known for JRPGs, typically the PlayStation is the go-to place for Japanese content. Which is still currently the case, more ‘obscure to the west’ JRPGs release on PlayStation than anything else. But as for the mainstream, it looks like Microsoft are eager to win some of that Western JRPG love over.

With big games such and Square Enix’s Outriders and Sony Studio’s MLB the show hitting Game Pass day one, it’s certainly doing all it can to show that it is an essential service for gamers. Scarlet Nexus along with D&D Dark Alliance arriving in June day one does feel like we’re being spoilt for entertainment by Microsoft.

Absolutely nope. Not even a bit.

This rumour comes from a comment made by Jeff Grub recently in his Discord chat. Jeff is well known for accurate leaks of game announcements and I can honestly recommend signing up to his Patreon to get access to this channel if you enjoy having the latest secrets.

We will of course continue to bring you any rumours we find interesting. And personally, I’m very much excited to give Scarlet Nexus a go.

The CommieGamer review will be incoming from our resident JRPG fan Riku once the game hits shops.

Check out the game intro trailer below.

Reserve your copy of Scarlet Nexus for the PlayStation. Or get your Game Pass Ultimate sub.

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