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Riot reveal new skins for Mordekaiser, Renekton, Sylas, Senna, Sejuani, and Varus

PROJECT is one of Riot’s largest and most popular skinlines, with 26 champions (including PROGRAM) already having cosmetics in the same set before the new expansion entitled “Bastion”/

PROJECT is one of the cosmetic sets with its own lore, as it centres around a shadow war between augmented rebels and lethal AIs battling for control in a cyberpunk city.

Though the full lore of the new expansion is yet to be revealed, we know that Mordekaiser’s intentions are to ensure humanity’s survival by stripping them of emotion. Very reminiscent of the Cybermen in Doctor Who.

PROJECT: Sylas will receive a Prestige version of the skin.

PROJECT: Mordekaiser

PROJECT: Renekton



PROJECT: Sejuani


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