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Resident Evil Village Prediction – Lady D isn’t as important as we have been led to believe?

Updated: May 3, 2021

Like many gamers, I am fully on the hype train for Resident Evil Village. I planned my Sunday evenings in late April carefully so I could play the two 30-minute demos on PS5 (thanks Capcom...), I’ve watched all the RE/Capcom live events and I’ve, figuratively, thrown myself into the thicc arms of everyone’s favourite Tall Vampire Lady, Alvina Dimitrescu.

However, I’ve been thinking about Lady D and her role in the wider game. As we all get excited about having her chase us around the castle, tyrant claws extended, shouting at us in that wonderfully rich voice, I cast my mind back to big daddy Jack Baker in RE7.

Had to bleach my eyeballs after searching for images of Lady D online.

Jack, similar to Lady D from what we’ve seen so far, spent the first few hours providing classic tension akin to Mr X in RE2 and a heart attack inducing number of jump scares. However, after the battle with chainsaws and chainsaw scissors, Jack took a back seat. Allowing Ethan to take on the rest of the mould-infected Bakers, before returning just before the games climax as an amassment of black goo and eyeballs.

Jack's had a hard day.

This got me thinking about what we know so far about village, albeit not much outside of theories, and the role Lady D will play. We know she will stalk Ethan around her castle, but have Capcom cleverly built up a focus on her when she may be one of the first boss fights that Ethan will endure.

We know Ethan will kill her daughters, but could all of this; the daughters, the castle and Lady D, be occurring within the first few hours?

Could Ethan end Lady D in her human-vampire form early in the game, similar to the initial fights with Jack Baker, only for her to evolve into some horrific super tyrant we will have to battle right before the climax of the game again, or perhaps we’ll kill her and that’s it?

Regardless of whether Lady D is a big antagonist, or whether Capcom have cleverly built marketing excitement around her as a red herring, will be answered soon as Resident Evil Village’s release date is now just under a week away, coming out on 7th May.

Be sure, we’ll be playing this the second it comes out and will be posting articles about our initial thoughts and a full review when we finish the game.

Find out along with us by pre ordering Resident Evil: Village today.

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