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Reliable Leaker claims The Last of Us Part 3 is coming

Leaker ViewerAnon has been dropping a lot of information about The Last of Us TV show on Twitter. Recently, they posted demanding a “screener link” to watch the show or they'd “drop a scoop”, ViewerAnon wasn't sent a link, so they revealed that The Last of Us Part III is coming.

The post states that The Last of Us Part III is “Dr Uckmann's next game” and that it's “currently in production at Naughty Dog”. Referring to Neil Druckmann who is the writer for The Last of Us franchise, he's also a writer for the TV adaption of the game. Considering ViewerAnon has been quite reliable with leaks about The Last of Us TV show, it seems this leak is likely legit.

ViewerAnon also goes on to state that gaming is not their “main industry” but they “know some fun people” who gave them the information. While they are not a usually a video game leaker, they were also the first to leak that Crash Bandicoot 4 existed.

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