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Rain on my parade any day

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Rain On Your Parade is the latest game by indy studio Unbound Creations that has debuted on Xbox Game Pass.

Playing as a mischievous cloud ruining the days of the soon to be wet folk below me sounded right up my ally for an easy afternoon killer. Yet often enough these comical ideas for games run out of mirth about two minutes in once the initial hilarious premise turns out to be masking some rather lacklustre gameplay. Being burnt on purchasing Goat Simulator the day it released has made me approach 'gag' games with caution.

But for every Goat Simulator there is an Untitled Goose Game, and this I'm pleased to say is more like the latter. Even down to the check list of goals to get through in a level.

Rain on your parade has surprised me in the best of ways. What i expected would just be a sandbox game of pissing people off with precipitation, something i was more than happy with, turned out to be a variety show with several interesting approaches to the core game mechanic.

Rather than growing tired of another mission of getting people wet, i was treated to defence missions, protecting a bomb being disarmed by the SWAT. Setting fire to a child's birthday party. Even a metal gear solid stealth mission.

Hell there's even a decent narrative. A Narrative! In a game about being a cardboard cut out cloud who ruins people's days. In fact, saying it's about that is unjust. This is the story of a cardboard cut out cloud fighting 'hoomans' who have wronged his friends, as told by a grandpa to his grandson.

**Edit - Step Father not Grandpa.**

The humour is actually humours. Game's trying to be funny is usually a cringe fest. But unless you're a committed miserable bastard then there's at least some jokes in here for you. Nothing made me laugh out loud, as i can't recall a game that has. But i certainly puffed some air out my nose in enjoyment.

This isn't a good game. It's a great game. I completed about half of it in one sitting, which did get a bit much. But the level of creativity kept me playing level after level. Did i mention there is a Doom spoof arcade machine?

The customization options are nice, nothing i have so far beat the top hat i got from the first level. And there is the ability to draw your own face on the cloud. I drew my signature unhappy face but I'm sure it could easily be put to more immature uses.

(The Cup Doesn't Lie)

Is this game worth the £11.99 it is on Steam? Probably. Fortunately for myself and anyone else subbed to Xbox Game pass this one was on them.

And when it's costing nothing additional i can't not recommend playing it.

This game delivers everything it promises to deliver and more.

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