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It looks like developer Quantic Dreams is moving away from the narrative focused choice-based games we associate them with. Previously, they've created games such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. New job listings from the developer revealed that the team is working on something completely different now.

How do we know this?

Quantic Dreams has a jobs section on their website listing all of their current open positions at their different studios. It was recently updated and has revealed a few interesting things about a new game the developer is currently working on at their Paris studio.

It's a new Competitive Game

Posted to the website on June 18tth, a new listing for a Senior Game Designer has been posted with the core required skills listing “game designer on a competitive or strategy game where you were in charge of balancing the game”. It could suggest a strategy game, however, more competitive game experience is needed. The skills also list that potentials for the role also must have “good experience of competitive games which you play regularly”.

We also know this is for a brand new game since the listing states this is for an “innovative new project”.

Microtransations as part of the job description

Quantic Dreams is also looking for a Senior Game Economy Designer and include a clear mention for in-game transactions. The posting mentions that the role includes designing “the virtual products offered by the game” along with metrics to measure performance and consumer responses to it. Additionally, it mentions that the person in this role will also provide suggestions to the rest of the team to “tune purchase drivers and pricing in order to ensure the game's financial performance”.

In other words, Quantic Dreams needs a Senior Game Economy Designer for microtransactions in some kind of upcoming project.

Who wouldn't want to work here, so many screens!

This is an Action/Adventure Game

Several of the jobs lists specifically mention this is for an Action/Adventure game. Quantic Dreams is looking for a Senior Game Writer, Senior Game Designer and Lead Game Designer all with experience in this genre of game.

Are there other job listings?

There are over 40 job listings for the Quantic Dreams Paris studio with roles ranging from R&D Producer, Senior Character Artists and Motion Capture System Operator. There's also a Mobile Game Producer job available and Lead Narrative Designer for Mobile at Quantic Dreams at the moment but it's not clear if this is related to the new competitive game being worked on.

Quantic Dreams is working on some new projects right now. Hopefully, we'll be getting more news about what they are from the developer in the future.

You can pick up Quantic's previous games Detroit: Become Human and the Heavy Rain / Beyond two Souls double pack here.

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