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PSVR2 Details Leaked from Sony Developer Conference

YouTuber VR channel PSVR Without Parole has uploaded a new video claiming to have fresh information from a private Sony conference. According to them, Sony held a conference on Tuesday for potential PSVR2 developers which is something Upload VR also confirms.

What does the Leak say?

Codenamed NGVR for Next-Generation VR, the next PlayStation VR device will have signifiant upgrades over the predecessor which isnt' a big surprise. The new detailed revealed by PSVR Without Parole tells us it will have a new HDR OLED screen with a 4000x2040 resolution and a 110 field-of-view. Giving users a 4K HDR display. The eye-tracking for it is being used to implement foveated rendering and also a new flexible scaling resolution system that should help to improve performance.

The new PSVR controllers will also have capacitive touch sensors for the thumb, index and middle finger. This type of sensor can detect things such as proximity, pressure, position, humidity and more. Sensors like this are usually used for touchpad and touchscreen devices. Combined with VR, we could see some interesting games.

Disembodied forearms not included.

Was there anything about the PSVR2 Games?

Sony is looking to move away from VR experiences and focus on AAA VR Titles instead. They plan to make hybrid games that can be played on a TV or with a PSVR2 that give players the option to download whichever version they like. This means players don't need to download the game twice, they can download only want they need instead.

No games were mentioned but the PSVR Without Parole video states Sony is looking to remaster PSVR1 games for the new headset. There wasn't anything about backwards compatibility between the two headsets. Sadly, this also means there wasn't anything about porting current AAA titles to the new VR headset,

There is still no official release date for the PSVR2 but we can expect more news about this in early 2022.


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