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Project 007 Details Revealed Thanks to a Job Listing from IO Interactive

Like with most other large gaming companies, IO Interactive has a dedication jobs page on their website listing all of their current unfilled roles. These listings often provide interesting information and the IO Interactive page includes various job listings for an “unannounced project” however, it also gives us more insight into the upcoming Project 007 game.

Project 007 is a James Bond game that was announced in 2020 with a short teaser trailer. Since then, details have been limited.

What do the Job Listings tell us?

There's currently many different job listings for Project 007, some of which advertise for several people to fill the same role for different games. This includes jobs such as software support engineer, C++ programmers, QA and more. They are also hiring for a Technical Producer who will oversee both Hitman and Project 007.

The Senior Gameplay Producer listing states that the current Project 007 team is working on prototypes of different parts of the gameplay including shooting and melee combat. The AI Programmer role also lists “experience working with 3rd person action games” as one of the additional things they are looking for. Mirroring this, their listing for a Level Designer also lists needing experience with “creating levels for third-person (or first-person) action games”.

Standard spy work. Murdering a town full of baddies.

Lead Game Designer applicants will be developing “rules for reward systems and game achievements” but IO Interactive would prefer applicants with experience regarding “different kinds of combat systems and player cameras”.

Meanwhile the Senior Gameplay Animator listing mentions the applicant needs to have experience and in-depth knowledge of “human and animal anatomy, body language and facial expressions” along with “the timing and appearance of human movement and facial expressions”, The Audio Director listing mentions they prefer applicants with experience in “sandbox storytelling” and naturally, a fan of the James Bond universe.

What does this mean?

Reading the listing it's obvious Project 007 is a third-person action game. What all of this also tells us is that it will include both firearms and melee combat options. It seems to suggest this will also be a stealth heavy game in a similar fashion to Hitman and it will include a range of maps/levels along with AI enemies and challenges to complete.

We assume the photo realism will have improved, but how?

Interestingly, there's a lot of focus on storytelling as well. It looks as though Project 007 might be a sandbox game but IO Interactive is still looking to make the story a major part of the game. The cinematic cutscenes will also be very realistic with plenty of human emotion included. It seems likely the story of 007 will be very emotional at times.

More news for Project 007 is expected later this year.

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